For the purposes established in the current legislation on the protection of personal data, the person is informed that the personal data requested will be collected and processed for the purpose of managing the purchase of products through the online purchase service.

For this purpose, it is reported that they will be included in the "clients" file, which is owned by ANSORENA S.A. And which is registered in the General Register of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

The personal data requested, as well as those that may be derived as a result of the management of this purpose are necessary for the development and management of the sale of products in the online shop that ANSORENA S.A. And may be used to offer users other products and services that may be of interest to them, as well as for sending the company's newsletter. The undersigned person guarantees the veracity of the data provided and his commitment to communicate promptly to ANSORENA S.A. Any variation on them.

Likewise, the user person allows the transfer or communication of the data held by ANSORENA S.A. To non-profit entities that are determined on the company's website, with which they carry out joint activities and always with a beneficial and non-commercial purpose.

The user is informed in this act of his right of access, rectification cancellation and opposition, with respect to his personal data in the terms set forth in the current legislation on the protection of personal data, being able to exercise this right by writing to ANSORENA S.A. , (Alcalá 52, 28014 Madrid, Spain), attesting the identity of the applicant (ex. photocopy of DNI). Email info@ansorena.com
ANSORENA S.A. Undertakes to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of the personal data provided, applying the necessary security measures in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data.

In view of the above, and in virtue of the present, the user expresses that he has been fully informed of the rights that he is entitled to under the current legislation on the protection of personal data, as well as the treatments, purposes and eventual Assignments that are made in the future.

This website www.ansorenacompromiso.com-including the contents and services made available on it, is operated by ANSORENA S.A. For the purposes of these general terms and conditions of use of the website, "User" shall mean any person accessing the website by any means.

The present conditions of the online purchase service of the website (the "Particular Conditions") must be understood as complemented and integrated, in what is not expressly regulated in them, by the general terms and conditions of use of the Portal. In case of conflict, the Particular Conditions will prevail over the aforementioned general terms and conditions.


  • The online purchase service through the website regulated in these Particular Conditions (the "Service"), allows the purchase of products and services: Only Users over 18 years of age and resident in Spain;
  • Only from peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.
  • ANSORENA S.A, reserves the right to modify, temporarily suspend or cancel, at any time, the Service.
  • ANSORENAS.A. Reserves the right to refuse purchases that do not exceed the security controls established in its electronic commerce systems and in the security systems of the payment service providers that it has contracted for the management of the payments in this Portal.


Before contracting, the User will have at his disposal on the Portal the information regarding the formalities that must be followed for the conclusion of the electronic contract for the sale of products or services through the Service (the "Agreement"). The online purchase procedure consists of the following phases referred to in the online purchase process (i.e., 1.Purchase, 2.Data form, 3.Payment, 4.Confirmation, 5.Shipment).

ANSORENA S.A. It will archive the electronic document in such a way that it is accessible to the User at a time after the conclusion of the Contract. The language in which the Contract can be formalized is Spanish.

To modify your registration data or, if applicable, those of the company you represent, you should contact the following addresses: joyeria@ansorena.com

Finally, during the online purchase process, you will be asked for the data (eg delivery address) that are necessary to execute and control the purchase (including delivery of the product and charging the price). The billing data will be those that are recorded in the User's registry. ANSORENA is not responsible for the mistakes made by the User in the data provided to us for the realization of the purchase, and the User must pay special attention in completing the forms and without prejudice to the possibility of correcting such data after the completion of The purchase, when possible, at the following address: c / Alcalá 52, 28014 Madrid, or if you prefer via the telephone +34 915328515. If the User enters incorrect data during the purchase process and its correction results in Expenses, ANSORENA SA Reserves the right to charge such expenses to the User account or to cancel the purchase requested.

For the payment process, ANSORENA S.A. Uses services of third parties other than ANSORENA S.A. And, in particular, those of PASARELA DE PAGO of Banco Sabadell (i.e., online payment gateway, which functions as a virtual POS terminal). The service providers will request to the User certain data to make the payment, according to the modalities of payment that this offer. Upon successful completion of the payment process (step 3 of the online purchase process), the Agreement will be deemed concluded and ANSORENA S.A. Will confirm such engagement by email within a maximum period of 24 hours.


The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract in the terms set forth in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users within the fourteen calendar days following receipt of the article.

For the formalization of the withdrawal the customer must send the product and its original packaging in perfect condition to ANSORENA S.A. Within the aforementioned period, accompanied by a communication stating his intention to withdraw from the contract, his data and those of the contract whose withdrawal is intended, or where applicable, a return form indicating his willingness to desist.

Once the withdrawal has been formalized and the article returned together with its original packaging, the price will be refunded as soon as possible, and in any case, within fourteen calendar days following the date Ansorena S.A. became aware of the withdrawal the client's.

You will be refunded all payments received, including delivery costs if there were, (except for the additional cost of express or priority shipping), using the same payment method used by you for the initial transaction.

To exercise the right of withdrawal the user can use the indicated withdrawal model:

  • To the attention of ANSORENA S.A. With CIF A78540713. Location: C/Alcalá 52, 28014 Madrid
  • I hereby inform that I give up our contract of sale of the product (IDENTIFICATION) with the order number (XXXXXX).

ANSORENA S.A. Offers its customers products and services of the highest quality. Given the special characteristics of the products and services marketed by ANSORENA in the Portal (such as jewelry products), there are slight differences between each product or service purchased, mainly due to the singularity and exclusivity of each and every one of the products Materials and stones used in their manufacture which is, in addition, largely handmade. Therefore, no two ANSORENA products or services are exactly alike and, in any case, it is inevitable that the product delivered to the User differs slightly from that shown in the photographs included in the website purchase process (even if it would have been the same). In any case, these differences will imply the delivery of products or services with poorer quality of materials than those expressly mentioned on the website. Likewise, the User is informed and is aware that the size of the photographs contained in the website does not correspond to the actual size of the products ANSORENA S.A. Offered.

Therefore, the User is informed and expressly consents to these circumstances and differences, without the same can cause the resolution of the Contract.


Unless expressly stated otherwise during the online purchase process, the procedure for delivery to the User of the ANSORENA S.A. product or service. Acquired through the Service, will be carried out according to the following steps:

The delivery will be made to the address indicated by the User during the purchase process, as completed in step 2 (Data Form);

The delivery will be made through a courier service provided by a third party outside ANSORENA S.A.;

The delivery and delivery times of the product are variable (between 48 and 72 hours). If there is any problem in the processing of your order or shipment, ANSORENA S.A. Will contact the User to inform him of the incident. In any case, the User may also contact ANSORENA S.A. To check the status of your order and shipment at the following address joyeria@ansorena.com and telephone number +34 915328515;

Unless expressly stated otherwise, during the online purchase process, the shipping costs of the product or service ANSORENA S.A. Acquired through the Service will be borne entirely by ANSORENA S.A.


The products of ANSORENA S.A. Acquired by the Users through the purchase procedure of the Portal have the legal guarantee of the goods for consumption, that is, their conformity with their description in the Portal and these Particular Conditions.


You can address your complaints and claims to the following address: joyeria@ansorena.com or to the registered address of ANSORENA S.A. above. ANSORENA S.A. Is not attached to any association and organization offering an out-of-court dispute resolution system.


The Service will be permanently available twenty-four 24 hours a day. ANSORENA S.A. Informs the User that there may be anomalies or interruptions in the availability or operation of the Service due to causes not attributable to ANSORENA S.A. (Technical problems of Internet providers, telecommunications, problems in the User terminal, etc.), so that the period for making the purchase may be extended.